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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Ok, I have been watching waaaaaaaaaay too many cooking shows b/c as of today, I really wanna quit my job, bartend full time and go to cullinary school to hone my creat my talents! =)


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Birthday (week)

So my birthday went really well and I had a great time as did many people that I partied with. For now, I'll just throw up some pix, but I plan to write about it a little in the coming weeek. Keep checkin back.


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Today, I taught a class for my company, I think the class went really well (despite my co-trainer crying b/c she was so stressed first thing in the morn). We got our eval's back and everyone really enjoyed the course and gave us good marks. The boss is pleased, although she said I shouldn't have been teaching so much, but was happy the users were happy.
Although training lasts a full week, yesterday was the only day that I was to teach class. Today’s meeting brought great news tho… Our training schedule has been pushed back indefinitely!! Sweet! And the count down to the birthday continues, I’m gonna try to have someone use my camera snapping pix all day through out the party so that I’ll be able to post em!
Hope you’re all havin a great week!


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'07 Happenins

Happy 2007 Everyone!! What's goin on? I haven't been writing much...again & I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry to you for not giving you anything entertaining to read & I'm sorry to myself b/c I like to go back a year later to re-read my posts... if there are no posts, nuthin to read and then I'll actually have to do work at the office!!
So, what's new? Well, i'm officially a student now!! I went to new student orientation last night with the dean of students. I'm picking up my student ID tonight, so hellllllo student discounts again! Woot! I'll save a buck on the movies if I ever have time to go!! The orientation went very well and I think I’m ready to do this!
Fast forward a few days, and I’ve just logged in to start my first class. It looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time in the library getting this reading done and then reading the lectures, then doing the assignments and then I hope I have a firm enough grasp on the material to contribute something worthwhile to the class discussion. Looking at the syllabus… Already a midterm coming up!?!??! AAAK!!!
I just made my very last Past Debt payment!! That’s a huge deal for me and I’m very excited about not having that extra Lexus payment every month now. I remember when I was 23 I was talking to my manager and him being in this exact same spot of paying off all his back debt when he was about 29 or so. I thought to myself, man, that sucks… I hope I never have to do that!! And here I am, being just as excited a few years of repayment later!
My time with the hash is drawing to a close, I’ve now spent 2 years on EWH3 MM (GM, Hash Kash, Brew Crew, & RA’d a few circles as well) giving hours and hours of my time. It's been a good run & I think i'll reflect on it in another post. I would say I’m not sure what to do with that free time… buuut, classes starting will take up most if not all of it! It’s been a good run, but now I must pass the torch to another round of MM whom I’m sure will take care of the hash just as well if not better then I did.
Next big happening… It’s my birthday coming up and My roommates tomorrow! Come Friday, there will be much rejoicing! I think it’ll be a great time and I’m sure we’ll take over some bar like it’s our job!! What else is up… I’ve just started seeing some one. I think she’s great and so far everything is good… Ask me again in a month and I hope the answers will be the same, but only time will tell. Well, that’s enough ramblings for today. I’ll be busy with classes, but at least at a computer so that I can update more often.

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