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Liquid Crack

What is it about Diet Coke that makes it the daytime alternative to coffee for the official office crack? Do we demand so much on our selves that we need that extra day to day caffeine rush all the time? Perhaps it's just habit and we've been drinking diet soda's all our lives?
A little history of Diet Coke...
1982 - Diet Coke is born!! Woot!
1983 - Caffeine Free Diet Coke is introduced... YUK!
1986 - Diet Cherry Coke
1987 - The "just for the taste of it ad campaign" kicks off
1991 - Ad campaign changed to "There's just one"
1994 - The "Office Break" Diet Coke spot with the construction worker is a hit in night time drama TV.
2001 - Diet Coke w/ Lemon... Yuk! Now, take a Diet Coke, toss in a lemon wedge - that's tasty! When you let this company mix some lemon syrup... to me, that was a disaster!
2002 - Diet Vanilla Coke - good with rum!
2004 - Diet Coke with Lime - Yuk! See 2001 fiasco, and sub in 'Lime' for 'Lemon'.
2005 - Diet Coke Splenda - a new sweetener that's the craze of people trying to loose weight all over the world... come on people, it's got ZERO calories to start with!!!
2006 - Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke - ummm..... yeah... that's just too much crap tossed into my drink. I'll stick to the original.
Well, whatever it is you guys have done over the years... Bless you Diet Coke for still being around in your original style! I have consumed more of this beverage then I'd like to admit, in fact I'm having one now!


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