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So It Goes

As I sit in a budget class this cool Tuesday morning, I find myself taking turns day dreaming & jotting down (yes, hand written blog today!) this blog entry. Recently, I found a very sweet, nice, & cute young lady whom I thought worth my time. We went out a few times and did more dating* type stuff then I've done in a hot minute. *note - I go out a lot & hang out a good bit, but people I actually date are few and far between.
All went well till she all of a sudden lost interest in me. Ugh... Weak!! It's usually the other way around. Now, I could spend tons of time being bummed and moping, but I'd rather redirect my energy into bettering myself & perhaps contemplate this situation. I find this makes it more of a learning experience/life lesson. As much as I hate to refer to a license plate in this type of situation, a jeep I know said it best...

Whether you are rejoicing in my pain, or sympathising with me, thanks for reading. I'll continue keeping my posts up beat and full of craziness. This has just really been on my mind and I wanted to discuss. On a side note, if you do blog or keep a journal/diary/whatever, take a minute to read what you were up to this time one year ago. I guarantee you'll enjoy the read & hopefully the memories.

"See you next time space cowboy!"

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