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Closet Dork...

Happy Turkey Day weekend to you all, I hope you gorged yourselves till you couldn't move... took a nap, then gorged some more! 'tis the holiday tradition. I spent my first turkey day away from any family at all. Everyone took off to NC for a feast that my grandmother spends in excess of 20 hours preparing, to be honest with you... I have noooooo idea what takes her so long! I've made an equivalent amount of food, with equal quality in a fraction of the time! I guess she just enjoys it and takes her time to savor feeding the house hold. A tradition, I fear, that's slowly leaving us. Don't get me wrong, feasts will be here for many years to come, but I see that people don't drop what ever they are doing to make a family meal like they used to back in the old days and companies aren't exactly being helpful with that either. Most people don't get the day after off so unless your family is a short drive away, you are probably not going. In lieu of traveling, I joined up an Orphan's dinner (which I found to be quite common in DC). The host prepares a large turkey & some basics while the rest of us bring side dishes and beverages. I purchased 2 pumpkin pies and a couple cases of beer as my offering. The food was excellent, but the food coma was quick to set in and I took it to the house. Ended up falling asleep as soon as I walked in the house and turned on the James Bond marathon.
After a mean a$$ nap, I awoke to resume my evil evil addiction. I've recently purchased Final Fantasy XII (bottom right hand pic) & have been unable to put it down ever since. I don't know if this has anything to do with the fact that I also bought a new 56" flat screen to go with it or not, but those two toys have kept me stuck in the living room pretty soundly! Yeah, I know, dork dork dork... but the game play and graphics are great! If you enjoy fantasy games at all, I deff recommend it. I have been hooked ever since the old school 8bit Final Fantasy (pic below with black back ground) came out for Nintendo back in '87 or so. I'm showing both title page shots below. I know these screen shots don't do it justice, but I'm always impressed with how far we've advanced in gaming technology.

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In my never ending quest to find cardio that I don't hate doing, I'm now trying out taking spinning classes. You know what it is... it's that little room that has the pumpin music with about 20-30 stationary bikes & an instructor. The concept is that you pedal with assorted resistance and different positions throughout the class. Now, i'm in decent shape but half-way thru my first class I wanted to throw up and wet myself at the same time. Damn... good cardio!! I recommend this to anyone & everyone, in fact, I'm off to try to catch a class today!

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Ok, someone tell me when in the hell the Chevy Tahoe's started coming with window stickers over $50,000?!?!?! I actually saw one for $60k in Vienna! WTF?

Hot a$$ truck tho!

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So It Goes

As I sit in a budget class this cool Tuesday morning, I find myself taking turns day dreaming & jotting down (yes, hand written blog today!) this blog entry. Recently, I found a very sweet, nice, & cute young lady whom I thought worth my time. We went out a few times and did more dating* type stuff then I've done in a hot minute. *note - I go out a lot & hang out a good bit, but people I actually date are few and far between.
All went well till she all of a sudden lost interest in me. Ugh... Weak!! It's usually the other way around. Now, I could spend tons of time being bummed and moping, but I'd rather redirect my energy into bettering myself & perhaps contemplate this situation. I find this makes it more of a learning experience/life lesson. As much as I hate to refer to a license plate in this type of situation, a jeep I know said it best...

Whether you are rejoicing in my pain, or sympathising with me, thanks for reading. I'll continue keeping my posts up beat and full of craziness. This has just really been on my mind and I wanted to discuss. On a side note, if you do blog or keep a journal/diary/whatever, take a minute to read what you were up to this time one year ago. I guarantee you'll enjoy the read & hopefully the memories.

"See you next time space cowboy!"

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Git'n SmRt'r

A big milestone today, I've decided to pursue AND have been accepted to a masters program! The program is an MBA with a concentration in hospitality starting in January. Conveniently, my time in EWH3 Mis-Management(MM) is coming to a close right around then as well. You gotta stay busy, right? Heaven forbid having any real type of free time!
Adding this degree to my arsenal of qualifications should really boost my earning potential... let's face it, I can always spend more money!
Now, I know Strayer isn't a big name school, but they have a program I want at a schedule that will work with my life. For example, you stick me in a four hour class in the classroom & I'll be knocked out asleep in no time!! I just don't have the attention span for that sort of thing. One of the course styles that is offered there is called "Synchronous Online" classes. This means that I take my laptop with me to any wireless hot spot and Log in at a set time to join the class in cyber space. So in essence, I might never have to be in the same location twice!!
I'll keep you posted on how things are going. It's deff going to take a pretty penny out of my pocket, but I think this will be well worth it. I'm not sure what I plan to do with this degree, but I'm positive it'll open doors and present new opportunities for me.

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