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Day 22...

So I haven't been posting much lately, or really been around for much of anything as far as parties or get togethers. My past month and a half has consisted of many consecutive days of work... 22 straight days and counting right now. Before that, I went to the renn fair for my one day off to end a 14 day streak & also found myself helping to organize a pub crawl on the 10th. I knew this time frame was going to be busy & that fact hasn't let me down at all. My xm radio is beginning to be my new best friend tho... in my jeep, at my office, at home, w/o it there would just be quiet and we can't have that!
My stress level is deff up, but that's to be expected when you are sleep deprived and over worked. What may/may not be surprising is my skills at the bar have not suffered at all due to this, yet my office skills and cognitive reasoning/thinking seem to be a little impaired. The solution to it all... Some sleep & rest.
I have been going out to a lot of dinners lately as I don't have much time or energy to fix myself anything to eat once I get to the house so that's bad for the pounds. This schedule is over all very negative for anyone's body. Lots of wear and tear, minimal maintenance.
Also on deck is the pre-pre-lewd to the DC area Red Dress run & I think EWH3 is going to have an amazing night to kick it off!! Give-a-ways are ready to go and really cool... esp. for the price! The toe tags are comin off the presses now, the trails are set, the ononon is set, now we just have to show up and run the trail!! There's so many talented and resourceful strong hashers putting effort into this night.. usually there are 4 hares and that's that. This Thursday there are around 9 or so co-ordinating this event. You know, it's usually just a run. We've been working and planning so much that it has turned into more of an event. I'm positive that the organizers of the RDR and Full Moon runs have worked hard getting everything ready as well, but I just can't seem to get excited about either. Knowing that I'll be working during rdr prob doesn't help that thought tho.
That's all I got for now.... there's a rumor of a day off this Friday, but I can't confirm that as yet.


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At Mon Oct 02, 09:55:00 AM EDT, Blogger KQB said...

Hope you get a break soon!


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