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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Pimps N Ho's

The pimps N Ho's party was this past weekend and ended up being a great time! Despite the weather, despite almost running out of gas, despite spending too much, it all worked out as planned. Canopy's in the back yard kept the smokers dry and gave some much needed space to the house. Although a good hand full that said they'd be there flaked at the last minute, another good handful that I didn't expect swung by so it all balanced out.

Beer: Kegs - 3.5, Bottles - 24
Liquor - 12 liters
Wine - 2 bottles
Pizza's - 23
Attendance - Topped out at approx 90 around 1145pm
Last Cab Out - 330am
Covered Outdoor footage - 375 sq. ft.
Continuous hours of rain - 12

I won't ramble on here, so here are some pix from the event instead. Enjoy!

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Last Min NC Trip

Day 1
So picture the scene, it's 730 on a Friday evening, and like a good employee, I'm still at the office working on something or other for the bosses. I text a few peoples to see what's goin on tonight... the usual, happy hour here, some people have a date there, a party, etc. Then I get a call back from a friend of mine tellin me he's goin to NC for a few days. Initially, I'm all "Great, have a good trip!" He shoots back with... "well, have you heard of (Love this site now!!)? Check it out, and see what the air fare is." So, like the random spontaneous person I am, I check out the site and "click" to buy. First thing in the mornin on a sat... ugh.. well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Haulin a$$ to get to the airport and wouldn't you know it, I'm 1 minute late to check in. UGH!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!!? Damned TSA. Buuut, they are nice enough to toss me on the next flight. Ok, now thru security/prison line. And wouldn't you know it... just like every other flight I've ever been on, I need to be pulled aside to have my bag searched further. Apparently, I brought 3.1 oz of hair gel, just over the legal limit! The nice TSA lady does let me keep my bottle of cologne after only mild harassment. I mean seriously, are you kidding me?Since I've missed my flight, I'll camp in the airport for a few hours waiting for another. it's lucky that I do tho, since one guy that was gonna give me a lift from Charlotte can no longer make it, and another has bailed too. FCUK! Ok, rental car here I come I guess. I get to CLT and catch up with BI. At this point, it's time to go counter to counter trying to get a car. Ok, I'll just contact Orbitz and they'll set something up! Right? Wrong!! They claimed the best they could offer me was an economy car for $180. Are you kidding me? No prob, let's get to the counters and start asking people for their rates. I check one counter who shall not be named, but the name rhymes with mavis, to a guy who simply says "NO CARS"... yeah, try harder, huh? Next counter... exorbitant rates, etc. I finally get to the Enterprise counter to a friendly Rita who helps me set up a car at a great rate. We get to the pick up area and Molly is waiting for us with our reservation ready to go. In fact, she even up sold us to a brand new Dodge Charger... but only after BI & I both walked around it noticing that "It Sparkles!" I guess they must have put some metallic flake in the paint. On to Western in a shiny new Charger!! I'm a big fan of this car, it only had the small engine so that was unfortunate, but I'm sure the SXT with a little more power kicks a$$! It's like a tank, just gliding along doing 80 before you know it.We finally get to Western after this fantastic voyage, just in time to pull into the parking lot as everyone is getting kicked outta there by some angry cops getting rid of people. Nuts, damn the timing. Well, we look good (DC Party Clothes) & we've got time to grab one quick beer for 'tailgating', catch up with some peoples and then we're off to hit up O'Malley's with a car load of peeps! Since we were late to tail gate the game, being the classy fools that we are, we tailgate O'Malleys!! We were good to go till the damn bar owner comes out and shuffles us off. Nuts. Free beer is my fav! Ok, so this place has changed a bit over the years since I left the area, the biggest way... They now have liquor!!! Just to make sure our eyes don't deceive us, I think we'll do some shots! A few shots/pitchers/beers later, it's gettin cold and we have increased our krew by a few peoples and we head over to another bar... The rusty lizard. This place is like half bar, half Bowling alley?! Huh? Yeah, i was confused too. What ever they were, this is the smokey-est place in the history of time!!! I work in a bar with a lot of smoking, and I'm seriously calling this prob. THE smokey-est place ever! I don't think they'd ever heard of ventilation, or a freakin front door. Yeah, that's how we do it back where i'm from!! In my time of collecting bad pick up lines, I heard one of the best this night... (The girls last name happened to be atkins)
Girl - Hey, what's up?
Guy - I'm on the Atkins diet & you're the only thing I can eat right now!
A few rounds later, it's already mid night and we're thinkin of heading on. We grab a DD, pile in and go. Where to? I think it's important that we take a time out to notice that we are all apparently getting old at this point since the prospect of standing around a bunch of random people getting one or two sh!tty beers in the freezing cold just isn't our thing. Instead, we invade the hotel room of some of our peeps, hang out and chat it up for a while before crashin out for the night.
Mad props to the phrases "No, Jenn Drove" & "2 Hours" which we all heard about 50 times each as the phones started ringing around o say... booty-call:thirty!

Day 2
As usual, there's ONE early riser in the group that tries to get everyone else up for some breakfast... NOT gonna happen! You guys take off, I'm gettin an extra hour of sleep! It's all good tho, b/c I heard the breakfast wasn't even that good. Ha! Sleep wins! Pile in the charger and it's time to say good bye to Western once again. Sad sad days. I head towards Charlotte via Asheville to give my friend Sam a ride & to hit the ever so tasty Krystal Burger. Yum! When did these little mini burgers get so popular?!? I put the hammer down so that I can make it to Charlotte in time to turn my rental car back in w/o getting charged any more time. The catch is that now, I have a few hours to kill around here. Well, lucky me I have a friend that knows how to get to hooters for a bite to eat & to the theater to catch a good movie to help eat up the day!! I finally got that steak samich I've been talking about, not as good as O'Malley's, & head off to see Employee of the Month. A very funny movie & you might be relieved to hear that Jessica Simpson doesn't actually have that many lines in the movie. It's mostly Dane Cooks thing tho, so that's deff good. Is it just me, or does he look a lot like Ryan Reynolds? vs.
Having eatin, partied, seen old friends, & caught a good movie, it's time for me to head to the airport and catch a flight back. It's been a great weekend NC, thanks & I hope to be back soon.

ps: Curse you subliminal movie advertising... Now I want a pair of those damned Heely Roller Shoes.

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Day 22...

So I haven't been posting much lately, or really been around for much of anything as far as parties or get togethers. My past month and a half has consisted of many consecutive days of work... 22 straight days and counting right now. Before that, I went to the renn fair for my one day off to end a 14 day streak & also found myself helping to organize a pub crawl on the 10th. I knew this time frame was going to be busy & that fact hasn't let me down at all. My xm radio is beginning to be my new best friend tho... in my jeep, at my office, at home, w/o it there would just be quiet and we can't have that!
My stress level is deff up, but that's to be expected when you are sleep deprived and over worked. What may/may not be surprising is my skills at the bar have not suffered at all due to this, yet my office skills and cognitive reasoning/thinking seem to be a little impaired. The solution to it all... Some sleep & rest.
I have been going out to a lot of dinners lately as I don't have much time or energy to fix myself anything to eat once I get to the house so that's bad for the pounds. This schedule is over all very negative for anyone's body. Lots of wear and tear, minimal maintenance.
Also on deck is the pre-pre-lewd to the DC area Red Dress run & I think EWH3 is going to have an amazing night to kick it off!! Give-a-ways are ready to go and really cool... esp. for the price! The toe tags are comin off the presses now, the trails are set, the ononon is set, now we just have to show up and run the trail!! There's so many talented and resourceful strong hashers putting effort into this night.. usually there are 4 hares and that's that. This Thursday there are around 9 or so co-ordinating this event. You know, it's usually just a run. We've been working and planning so much that it has turned into more of an event. I'm positive that the organizers of the RDR and Full Moon runs have worked hard getting everything ready as well, but I just can't seem to get excited about either. Knowing that I'll be working during rdr prob doesn't help that thought tho.
That's all I got for now.... there's a rumor of a day off this Friday, but I can't confirm that as yet.


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