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100th Run...

So last night marks a big anniversary for me with the EWH3.. It was my 100th run! That means I've spent $500 just on sign in alone, Drank more then 500 beers on Thursday nights, met about a bazillion people, bought a new van, & run around 400-500 miles. Wow... doesn't seem that long. It's like it was just yesterday that I stumbled on the hash, and now... GM. I guess I take to it like a fish in water. The trail last night was good, although I'll have to side with Bloody on this one, I really didn't see much flower on the trail so I was glad to see the hares showing us the way b/c as a pack we really could get lost in a paper bag!!
The ending circle was going well, the new van is kickin a$$ and takin names then the damn cops rolled up to bust us on whopping Honda 250cc bikes. If I'm gonna get busted by a bike cop, it had better be on a real bike, not something that's barely bigger then a freakin scooter. We must be magnets for cops on silly transportation lately, b/t these guys and the segway cop last week... wtf? O well, we hit the bar and FLOODED it. The poor bar tender chick was swamped... the least I could do was jump back there and lend her a hand. Imagine that, me behind the bar... well, anything to ensure the pack has a good time! I was able to catch the train home, nice of them to run for an extra hour last night, and made all the connecting trains in good time, then double timed it home from the metro... You know, if you run the whole way from the metro, it's not that bad of a trip.


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At Fri Sep 01, 12:03:00 PM EDT, Blogger Boozie said...

100? You're catching up to me...I better tighten up!

At Mon Sep 04, 10:19:00 AM EDT, Blogger KQB said...



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