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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Trip Update...

So far this trip has been most excellent. Making good time in the jeep, my new nav (fav toy) is kickin ass & showin me the way! The driving has been mostly in rainy conditions, but whenever I get anywhere it stops, so that's deff nice. Gas is a little bit cheaper down here in NC. Been filling up finding $2.90/gal which is a little bit easier on the wallet then DC prices. Ran into some old friends here and got a couple drinks with them & what did we forget? Camera. So, no pix. Opps. O well, the food at the cheesecake factory is excellent, the cocktails tasty & 2.5 years later... I still know a big chunk of the staff!! Crazyness! After catching up & meeting my friends new baby boy... let me digress for a minute. I'm in my late 20's, single, & have no plans to change that. I have NO idea what the hell to do with a baby, so I deff don't want to hold it or anything like that. Now, back to the story... my buddy gets the wise ass idea to chase me around the house with the fcuking baby! I mean honestly, who chases you around the house with a baby? All just b/c I didn't want to hold it! I had to finally pick up his wife and threaten to touch him with her much like he was doing with the baby to get him to quit! That was a funny ass sight in itself!
So, after some good cocktails, I head over to chapel hill to catch up with a friend from college and her parents. Her parents are Hella cool! Her dad fires up one of the strongest martini's I think I've ever had, but I'm not one to back down from an alcohol related challenge so I go on with it! Her mom prepares an excellent feast to go with such a worthy cocktail & all is well! After dinner, gotta hit some of the old stompin grounds for a few more cocktails. We go to one of my fav spots, and 2.5 years later, I still know some of the staff!! After a few drinks, i see some mugs that get my attention. One says john, another says sam, and so on and so forth until....

"Paging Dr. Gurka"

Well, of course I must have it!! I'll skip the details, but I rejoiced with a beer in my new mug on the way home! All in all, NC is well. Just as good as when I left it.
See you tomorrow space cowboy.

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