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Couple Quiet Days...

So the vacation continues with a hung over me in Charlotte on Saturday morning going to meet up with a buddy of mine that I haven't seen since his wedding. It's sad that it's been so long, but understandable since we're all busy and he's got a brand spankin new baby girl to keep tabs on. Finally finding his house, we go to the local bar/resteraunt/hot spot of Lincolnton NC. It's actually a nice little spot with Plasma screens and a few draft beers as well. I'm told that this is THE place to be on the party nights! The food is good and the bill is hella cheap, the only thing that caught my eye... now, remember, this is nowhere USA... all the waitresses us PDA's to enter the food order.. wtf? I can see how that could be handy & cost effective in a place that does large numbers in sales, but I don't think these guys are doing over $20k/week TOPS. If you are in food service, you'll know that those kind of numbers generally don't offset PDA's with a wireless network using a point of entry service.
Ok, enough of that, we take off from a tasty meal and do a little back country tour of the area & then I'm off to the beach for the next leg of driving. The drive isn't too bad, but I'm deff still hurting from the night before. I'm the first one to the beach house & wouldn't ya know it... Wireless internet access!! SCORE! I spend the next day or so doing the family thing & working on some graphic work by day. Check out the pic of the view from the front porch? We stay on what's called mad inlet... The beach is directly to your left, this connects the land to the intercoastal water way which is directly ahead. Not a bad location to work in. Deff very relaxing and I get some much needed sleep.

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