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Cheap Gas

So my thrifty nature finds me looking for a cheaper tank of gas on I95 heading north. Gas has probably been my number 1 expense at this point in this trip. I see salvation ahead... "Sandhu's Discount Gas" crappy as this place sounds, this has got to be cheap gas! I personally find the concept of Sandhu's Discount gas to be just a funny title of a place, but that's neither here nor there. I'm gassin up happy as a clam thinkin I got a steal, as I drive off, across the freakin street is a Citgo for $0.05-$0.10 cheaper!! ugh. The moral of the story... just b/c it says someone's discount gas, doesn't mean you shouldn't price shop it!
What I did get from this place is a cool pic of the south eastern states that show's roughly what the gas tax is for each state. I think it's hella neat... I also think i'm movin to Georgia!! Cheap gas rules!

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