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Busted Jeep?!?!?

So as it's time to move onto the next stop on my tour of the states, I go to gas up the jeep... & wouldn't you know it? The damned gas cap lock just keeps turning and turning and turning... you get the idea. I'm already on "E" what to do? NAV to the rescue, finds me the closest jeep dealership and I'm on my way. Luckily it's only like 10 miles there, so I coast in on fumes!!
I get to the Jeep dealership, notice I said dealership... that's what they do is jeeps. That's it. I tell them that my locking gas cap is not working and it should be under warranty. They look at me like I'm freakin crazy! It would seem that no one there has ever seen or heard of a locking gas cap from the factory using the ignition key. After a brief "discussion" they pull the build sheet...
Build Sheet - n : a schematic with all the specifications, codes & corresponding equipment installed on your vehicle at the factory.
...and realize, holy crap, they do exist! And here we go onto problem number two, if they didn't know they existed then it's a safe bet they don't have any in stock. At least the jeep people are nice. The only solution that even half way makes sense... They break off the old gas cap so that I can dispense fuel into my jeep... but damn it looks ghetto as hell. I leave, for the first time ever, the dealership in worse shape then when I came in! I drive 2 minutes up the street, hit the Advanced auto & wouldn't you know it? They have one in stock. Makes you just wanna smack yourself in the forehead, don't it?!?!

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