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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


I probably won't have a day off in a few weeks straight, buuuuuut today.... I'm all smiles & I'm not tellin ya why!!

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Quick break...

So, it's Sunday night and I'm working on some graphics work.. for the better part of the day as it is.. and I wanted to take a quick breather. I figured I'd write something about my weekend quickly. But first... a random thought... Anyone else cravin 80's music lately? I'm jammin to some 38 Special right now as I type!
On Friday, I went out to great falls to catch a movie and have some excellent thai food and catch Talladega Nights which is very possibly the funniest movie I've seen in a while. If you've seen it, please explain to me what the deal was with the cameo's by MOS Def & Elvis Costello? WTF?!? Go check it out, it's excellent! What's not excellent... a two hour commute from Rosslyn to great falls. ugh. What's that all about?!? While I'm at it, here's a link to download some Ricky Bobby wallpaper for your self! Just click here!
After closing the bar last night, I went out with some co-workers who were trying to relive the serving days, but I'm afraid NC servers got them whipped! Outta booze at 5am?!?!? What's that about? Well, gotta get back to the grind and gear up for next week. C-ya!

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aaaand I'm back!

A song lyric once read "...take me back to the paradise city, where the grass is green and girls are pretty..." My firm belief now is that North Carolina is that paradise city for me. (I know that song isn't on the album cover that's pictured, just read on)
A few days out of the state didn't seem like it was long enough, but I'm back regardless. I was able to spend my last day in NC in the official capital of Nowhere, USA. Just near rocky mount hangin out with a friend of mine that, yet again, haven't seen in years! It seems that the sights are few and far between in this area, but the people are really very nice. We take in a local softball game that my friends playing in... I swear, she's a local celebrity! Everywhere we walk she knows everyone! It works to our advantage tho, free hot dogs! My fav! Her team is kickin a$$ and takin names!! I watch the game for a little bit, chase her son keeping him out of the trash for a little while, and next thing I know, it's time to head on. Good thing I found time to clean out the car. Yes, that's kinda what I do, a bit of a neat freak, but I can't believe I cleaned a full 13 gallon bag of crap out of the car!! So NE wayz, as there is not much to do, we bring it back old school style and grab a case of Busch Light and proceed to catch up on old times and what's been up over the past 3 years! It's a great night to stoop out on the porch under a clear sky. Good times & great conversation!
After getting a bite of Jersey Mike's for lunch, it's time to take it back to the city. The vacations been great, the people have been wonderful, but it had to end some time. The grand total of the trip...1310.6 miles & 24 hours 37 minutes. Damn... now that was a haul!! Back to the daily grind. I can't wait for another round!!

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Cheap Gas

So my thrifty nature finds me looking for a cheaper tank of gas on I95 heading north. Gas has probably been my number 1 expense at this point in this trip. I see salvation ahead... "Sandhu's Discount Gas" crappy as this place sounds, this has got to be cheap gas! I personally find the concept of Sandhu's Discount gas to be just a funny title of a place, but that's neither here nor there. I'm gassin up happy as a clam thinkin I got a steal, as I drive off, across the freakin street is a Citgo for $0.05-$0.10 cheaper!! ugh. The moral of the story... just b/c it says someone's discount gas, doesn't mean you shouldn't price shop it!
What I did get from this place is a cool pic of the south eastern states that show's roughly what the gas tax is for each state. I think it's hella neat... I also think i'm movin to Georgia!! Cheap gas rules!

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Busted Jeep?!?!?

So as it's time to move onto the next stop on my tour of the states, I go to gas up the jeep... & wouldn't you know it? The damned gas cap lock just keeps turning and turning and turning... you get the idea. I'm already on "E" what to do? NAV to the rescue, finds me the closest jeep dealership and I'm on my way. Luckily it's only like 10 miles there, so I coast in on fumes!!
I get to the Jeep dealership, notice I said dealership... that's what they do is jeeps. That's it. I tell them that my locking gas cap is not working and it should be under warranty. They look at me like I'm freakin crazy! It would seem that no one there has ever seen or heard of a locking gas cap from the factory using the ignition key. After a brief "discussion" they pull the build sheet...
Build Sheet - n : a schematic with all the specifications, codes & corresponding equipment installed on your vehicle at the factory.
...and realize, holy crap, they do exist! And here we go onto problem number two, if they didn't know they existed then it's a safe bet they don't have any in stock. At least the jeep people are nice. The only solution that even half way makes sense... They break off the old gas cap so that I can dispense fuel into my jeep... but damn it looks ghetto as hell. I leave, for the first time ever, the dealership in worse shape then when I came in! I drive 2 minutes up the street, hit the Advanced auto & wouldn't you know it? They have one in stock. Makes you just wanna smack yourself in the forehead, don't it?!?!

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Couple Quiet Days...

So the vacation continues with a hung over me in Charlotte on Saturday morning going to meet up with a buddy of mine that I haven't seen since his wedding. It's sad that it's been so long, but understandable since we're all busy and he's got a brand spankin new baby girl to keep tabs on. Finally finding his house, we go to the local bar/resteraunt/hot spot of Lincolnton NC. It's actually a nice little spot with Plasma screens and a few draft beers as well. I'm told that this is THE place to be on the party nights! The food is good and the bill is hella cheap, the only thing that caught my eye... now, remember, this is nowhere USA... all the waitresses us PDA's to enter the food order.. wtf? I can see how that could be handy & cost effective in a place that does large numbers in sales, but I don't think these guys are doing over $20k/week TOPS. If you are in food service, you'll know that those kind of numbers generally don't offset PDA's with a wireless network using a point of entry service.
Ok, enough of that, we take off from a tasty meal and do a little back country tour of the area & then I'm off to the beach for the next leg of driving. The drive isn't too bad, but I'm deff still hurting from the night before. I'm the first one to the beach house & wouldn't ya know it... Wireless internet access!! SCORE! I spend the next day or so doing the family thing & working on some graphic work by day. Check out the pic of the view from the front porch? We stay on what's called mad inlet... The beach is directly to your left, this connects the land to the intercoastal water way which is directly ahead. Not a bad location to work in. Deff very relaxing and I get some much needed sleep.

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So far so good on the trip, been puttin down a lot of miles, but the jeep has bein doin great! If you don't have a NAV or XM radio, I'll again endorse both of these as great items!! Today finds me traveling to Charlotte... well, I did make a pit stop at Starbucks/Borders for some wireless internet & a trip update on the blog... I know, I'm such a junkie!! Going to run into a few friends and do a little partyin with some folks that used to live in the Raleigh area. But first.... snif snif... I stink! Well, I'll need to catch a shower, but since I already stink, I might as well hit the gym.
Yeah, motivation, drive, determination, iPod, work out gloves.... but no freaking shorts!! Nuts. Well, ok, let me atleast get cleaned up since I'm here. So showered and ready to go, I break out my new jeans... always wanted a pair of diesel jeans.... mmmmm.... comfy! Buuut, they are just a smidge too long. NAV to the rescue, takes me right to a Nordstrom where they put up on the pedestal and measure out my alterations. The nice lady says... "How's Friday look to pick them up?" I say "how's 10 minutes sound?" After a little scurrying around, they lend me a pair of jeans and they are off. Let me cut to the chase, best customer service ever. South Park Mall Nordstrom Men's dept... You guys rock!!!
So, onto the first bar of the night to meet up with an old friend from college and make my first bar stop of the night. Wouldn't you know it? My friend picks out a bar owned by the same people that own Bailey's!! No worries, at least everything looks pretty damned familiar to me! I'm a little early, so out comes the lap top... free internet for more surfing while throwin back a few beerz! yummm! The catching up goes well but cannot last too long, as I've got more stops to make in this town! Tab out, and hit the road to another part of tha QC to meet up for dinner.
I get there just in time to witness dog park central in the complex, and possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen. They actually have a Miller Lite tree in the yard!! It's a tree, that's got full miller lites all up in it! Thirsty? Grab a beer off the tree! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! After a beer from the tree, my friend and I take off into the heart of the city to get a bite with one of my favorite couples ever... Dr. C & Dr. C. Where else but a brew pub!! We hit the south end brewery for a crazy but fun waitress & a good meal with a couple cocktails as well.
After wards, let's all take it to Dr. C's house for some after dinner/pre-going out socializing. As it turns out, they live walking distance to a wicked cool 80's bar. The breakfast club! After meeting up with a few more people to form a small entourage, we socialize and take off to da club. This place is great! (well, if you like 80's clubs that is) 3 floors of good times, & great drink specials. Everything is $1, $2, or $3! Can't beat that. Well, Dr. C was nice enough to pick up dinner for us all, so the least I can do is buy the tab at the bar... well, I guess it was his plan to pick up the tab there too b/c we go to take off to the next bar all I hear is "I got us a ride to the cabaret". Yeah, rollin the pimp limo to the Uptown Cabaret... if you've never been to Charlotte, this is a nice little strip club that I recommend. So, I feel bad that he's spent so much on the ride over there that I take it on myself to cover all our tabs for the night!! Good times were had by all, and wouldn't you know it, I was one of those idiots at the damn ATM with a stripper paying the $10 surcharge fee!! Yeah yeah yeah, I know. I'm an idiot.
We hop another limo back to the Dr's house and break open a few more late night beers. Passin out on the couch around 4am finds me callin it a night.
Damn.... I love Charlotte!!

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Trip Update...

So far this trip has been most excellent. Making good time in the jeep, my new nav (fav toy) is kickin ass & showin me the way! The driving has been mostly in rainy conditions, but whenever I get anywhere it stops, so that's deff nice. Gas is a little bit cheaper down here in NC. Been filling up finding $2.90/gal which is a little bit easier on the wallet then DC prices. Ran into some old friends here and got a couple drinks with them & what did we forget? Camera. So, no pix. Opps. O well, the food at the cheesecake factory is excellent, the cocktails tasty & 2.5 years later... I still know a big chunk of the staff!! Crazyness! After catching up & meeting my friends new baby boy... let me digress for a minute. I'm in my late 20's, single, & have no plans to change that. I have NO idea what the hell to do with a baby, so I deff don't want to hold it or anything like that. Now, back to the story... my buddy gets the wise ass idea to chase me around the house with the fcuking baby! I mean honestly, who chases you around the house with a baby? All just b/c I didn't want to hold it! I had to finally pick up his wife and threaten to touch him with her much like he was doing with the baby to get him to quit! That was a funny ass sight in itself!
So, after some good cocktails, I head over to chapel hill to catch up with a friend from college and her parents. Her parents are Hella cool! Her dad fires up one of the strongest martini's I think I've ever had, but I'm not one to back down from an alcohol related challenge so I go on with it! Her mom prepares an excellent feast to go with such a worthy cocktail & all is well! After dinner, gotta hit some of the old stompin grounds for a few more cocktails. We go to one of my fav spots, and 2.5 years later, I still know some of the staff!! After a few drinks, i see some mugs that get my attention. One says john, another says sam, and so on and so forth until....

"Paging Dr. Gurka"

Well, of course I must have it!! I'll skip the details, but I rejoiced with a beer in my new mug on the way home! All in all, NC is well. Just as good as when I left it.
See you tomorrow space cowboy.

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So it's finally time for me to take a break from the real world and do a little bit of traveling. I'm going to spend a few days takin it back to my NC roots catchin up with people that I haven't seen in MONTHS!! I'm deff very excited about seeing some folks from back in tha day, but getting away from the office will also be very nice! Where am I going you ask? Well, here's a break down of travel days and mileage. Yeah, I know it's a lot of miles, but it'll be great to see everyone so the drive will deff be worth it.

277 mi - Thursday - DC to Raliegh
32 mi - Thursday - Raleigh to Chapel Hill
139mi - Friday - Chapel Hill to Charlotte
38mi - Saturday - Charlotte to Lincolnton
250mi - Saturday - Lincolnton to the beach!
197mi - Monday - The beach to Rocky Mount
230mi - Tuesday - Rocky Mount to DC
1,163mi - Total +/-

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