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Long time no type?

So, it's been a hot minute since I've blogged...Again! Sorry. But, let's get a bit of a recap on what's been going on in the past few weeks. So last Thursday, I took my first day off from the hash in over 8 months! I know, I know, get a life, right? Apparently I was soooo beat ass tired that I got off work at 530, I was asleep by 615!! All in all, I've been working a lot of hours in these past few months. Working? On what you say? Well, let's recap that too!

Friday comes along and finds me playing on the "Colonel's Lady" in Georgetown on the water and havin a kick ass time!! Although the plan was to go, have a few beers and then take it to the house.... riiiiiiiiiiiiight! So, a few beers later, I catch up with some friends and we decide to go to another bar! Needless to say that we closed that place down! The problem... Start with beer, drink a couple bottles of wine, then do shots with wine chasers? Yeah, we're not smart. & I was hung over like a champ the next day!! All the way up till I went to my night job!
Sunday finds me doing graphics all day and draggin just a bit b/c I'm just beat ass tired! Another typical work week.
What else has been goin on... Well, I've been shopping for a new beer van candidate for EWH3 & have found one! Made a deal on Saturday & we are the proud owners of a new van!! (well, it's new to us!) Ok, now let's try to title it! Right? WRONG! 3 trips & 5 hours of DMV time, I've got a title in my hand. Now, how bout some tags? Sure... but only for 30 days then you gotta come back & see us again! WTF? I think they just like me there soooo much, they keep inviting me back to socialize! If they put in a cocktail waitress at the DMV, that would really make life there much easier!

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At Tue Aug 01, 08:50:00 AM EDT, Anonymous KQB said...

wow you are a busy bee!


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