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Cops on Our Beer Check

As many of you may have heard, we had a more serious interaction with the local authorities this past Thursday then usual. Before you start speculating as to what really happened and hear it second hand, allow me to inform you first hand. As the pack was sent off from the beer check, the authorities were walking down the hill toward the beer van. The officers, responding on a domestic disturbance call arrived at the scene with the impression that we were selling alcohol on state park property with out a permit. Prior to any discussion, they simply wanted to know who was operating the vehicle to informed them they were going to jail & hand cuff them. As I was driving BP, I was the operator and complied with the officials & spent a few hours in cuffs. We discussed the situation calmly with the officers, stating that we were NOT selling anything there & that we are a running club & gave them a little bit of information about us as an organization. The officers at this point realized that they were misinformed and decided not to impound BP and issued me a few citations.

Lessons to be learned here for this situation:

Don't forget that what we do is technically illegal in the streets of DC, so as you run or participate in circle or enjoy a down down, please remember to be respectful of our surroundings and to the local population of non-hashers. Especially, do not be cocky or rude to the cops that do show up on trail, as that does NOT help keep us under the radar where we generally live and can have a great hashing experience.

Kandy Panties
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At Wed Jun 21, 08:25:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

dude! you couldn't take a chill pill and post something other than your official GM email!

come on! I want to know what those handcuffs felt like!


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