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Campin Weekend's Almost here!!

What's goin on party people? Nada Mucho here. Got a kick a$$ camping trip on deck for this memorial day weekend & breakin out the tent palace for it. Another year of WISSHHH memorial day weekend! Been lookin forward to this one.. a weekend of good folks who all come complete with a case of beer/person/day!! And before you judge... we aren't alcoholics, just supporting the alcohol industry properly! I've got my good wife beaters & my camouflage koozie ready to go with those 30packs (race pack if you must know!!) of Busch Lite!! No, I'm not a redneck, but i do a great job playing one when I'm camping!! I think everyone is psyched about this trip(about 50-70 going!!)... already got all my gear in a pile to load up in the jeep tomorrow!! Soooo ready to roll out for only my second weekend out of town this year!! yeah, i know, i need to get out more.
On the job front... I've been updating my resume online, as it's wise to do, and as a result, I've been getting hits from lots of agencies for jobs. Score!! I'm not actually looking for anything else right now, but it's really nice to know that if i was, it's there for me.

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