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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

The Allergist… Finally!

Ok, so I finally got off my ass and went to the allergist... how'd it go you ask?

Stupid!!! They stuck me about 80 times and told me I was allergic to pollen.... No SH!T!!!! That's why I'm here. They have no pills stronger then the over the counter crap anyway, so I’ll get set up for allergy shots. Ok, cool.... shots are good, this can help.... The doc's office can call me back in 2 weeks to get my allergy shots set up and by winter I should be all good. WTF?!?? Pollen season is over for me in 3 weeks anyway!! So all I can do this year is just wait it out. Not to mention that there were like $8 of tolls on the way!

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It's Been How long?!?!?

Ok, it's been forever and a week since I last wrote to you guys, but I vow that I'll try to hit it up at least once a week now that I'm settled in my new job for the most part. Where do I start? First off, it finally happened... My Razor crapped out and I had to get a new one. As luck would have it, they sent me a new one and then that one wasn't working properly... so here it is, month four of the year and I'm on my 3rd razor! Furthermore, the people at the Cingular store either refuse to teach me how to bluetooth pix from phone to phone, or just plain don't know how to do it themselves!! So, I IM'd all the pix to myself and thought it'd be fun to go thru me here... Like a year end review so to speak.... although I'm running a little late! Some of these you'll have already seen, some you are seeing for the first time, either way, it's a leap back into my blog!!

This is a pose I like to call My Klassy side! Notice the wine glass in the camouflaged coozie, & fully clothed under the robe to boot!!

This is my work station with my co-worker who used to work there. Chris moved to Texas and is pursuing a 4.0 BAC rigorously!

This would be my buddy Jeremy who was wearing a matching pimpin robe, but rockin the I'm a leprechaun hat with a little bit of a lean on it! Yeah, that's right, this is a caller ID pic!

This is a killer beer decor for the bar when you'll BRB, but wan't to keep your beer intact.

This poster for Captain Morgan's Tatoo isn't anyone's caller ID, but it's a pic with a great slogan on it!! In Fact, I think I'll turn that back into my signature message on my emails!

So "Can't Stop" spilled something or other on his pants, and this is the best way to dry it!

This is a caller ID for a few people, ie Ex-Landlords!! Damn... that's a pissed off lookin bee!

A view of the bar where I work, ain't it niiiiice? Come on down and have a drink!

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