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The New MM!

So, I’ve been outta the loop for a hot minute with my new job and the holidays and all, but I think I can find it in my schedule to throw a few words at you guys here and there. The new job is going well, the people here are a lot of fun! In the first two weeks I had more interactions/lunches/social gatherings with coworkers then I had in the past 2 years in my previous job. Let’s put this in perspective…. I used to work in a library, now I’m at more like a busy star bucks. Make sense? So, the people and the location are really choice here. The work is ok, but that’s only part of a job. Now I can truly avoid 395 like the plague that it is!!!
Welcome to 342nd running of the Everyday is Wednesday H3 & your new MM. I’m particularly fond of this trail as it’s the New MM trail and the start of what I think will be an excellent year for EWH3. There’s a lot of talent here with excellent RA’s that will deff. give us some kick ass circles! But first we gotta be off to a little rocky start… hell it’s one of the main reasons all the old MM shows up… to watch us flounder around!! So, both hash cash and on sec forget the sign in sheet… no biggie, I work 5-10 feet from the start so I print one up. Next, both RA’s are MIA(well, ones on a honeymoon & the other had friends fly in from far far away, so it’s deff understandable)… no prob, I’ll just run both circles. We had a most excellent naming even if it took us a few extra minutes to come up with anything. The cops showed up… but luckily they kept on movin b/c they are obviously looking for bigger fish.
The ononon loved us as usual… why you ask? Well let’s see… we show up early in the evening & drink like fish!! The Rhino Pump House(did anyone else ever mistake that for rhino pimp house?) is a good time as always, and the cheese steak place right next door is pretty damn good too… I mean it’s no silver diner, but it’s pretty good. Saw our visitors there who insisted they had a kick ass time, and a virgin havin a bite of drunk food who also enjoyed herself.
For our first time outta the barn, I think we made a good show!

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At Tue Mar 28, 01:01:00 PM EST, Blogger Murray said...

To answer your question: I don't know what size lift and tires...yet. To ask you a question: when are you going to post again?

At Wed May 31, 08:39:00 PM EDT, Blogger Hasher Girl said...

great blog!! i enjoyed this


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