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Runnin all day..

Saturday morning finds our breakfast club moved to my house at around the crack of 10am after a good evening out at dremo's the night before. The idea was to have a bite to eat, hang out then be in reston by 1pm to meet up with peoples and hang out before we all did the run. We start makin some breakfast, the champagne comes out for the mimosa's, next thing you know we've got the southpark season 6 DVD out and are laughin our a$$es off at it. Not to mention watching the episode of drawn together with foxy and the dolphin bearing light saber!! Too damn funny! We also discover urban and have an excellent time helping Wendy further her understanding of what a Pearl necklace is as there are 10 definitions of it!! Finally I get off my ass and get moving.... Gotta get my 5k race packet before the thing starts!!
We get there and find a 10-13 people support group for our running cause that have been at the bar all morning!! Cool!! We're thrilled for your support! So we do the run, and it's pretty obvious what a bad distance runner I am, but that's ok, this is a pretty cool run and not everyone is in a huge hurry. A few miles and we're done!! Time to head back to the bar with everyone else... I am beat!! A chicken samich and I'm takin it to the house! That's all I've got left in me for today. I walk in the house to find people already beat me back there and are veggin on my couches!! Good idea... I think I'll join you to the tune of A few more south park episodes, Welcome to Mooseport, and the old skool Spaceballs! An excellent veggin time!

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At Thu Nov 24, 10:11:00 PM EST, Blogger Haystack said...

I can't believe y'all ran a race


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