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Redskinnin yo!

Hellooooooo redskins fans!!! How R ya??? I'm good, after a 2 mile hike from the metro! What's that all about? No shuttle, no nuthin, just keep on walkin and walkin and walkin till you see the stadium, then walk some more!! Ugh.... NE wayz, after a few minutes of walkin, I've finally made it to catch up with Shamrock, Fagnostic and Haystack at the tailgating lot, unfortunately, I've missed everything this morning except for a few last minute shot guns! Score! Lemmie show you kids how it's done! We head into the game, and I'm warned that they do pat you down for weapons and liquor bottles, although Shamrock claims that she is so well endowed she could easily smuggle a few flasks unnoticed... I'll deff keep that in the back of my head for future games! But, as I only brought a few airplane bottles with me, I just use the ol Liquor in the boxer briefs tactic that I've become so fond of at good ol WCU.

Cleared the gate, now let's find me a soda to get this silly liquor into!! The game is a lot of fun, the seats aren't bad either. I think Haystack and Fagnostic were sitting somewhere ON the field tho..... yeah, their seats were that good! Red skins are kickin ass all game long.... then fall back to a tie in the fourth quarter, then take an L in Over time. Nuts. A loss spells out sh!tty tailgating!!! It's ok tho, there's still a good turn out and deff some impressive tailgatin'! These people aren't jokin around!! The guy to the right sets up a flat top over a giant set of burners , chops some onions, then drops a giant ball of meat to make some of the best Chese Steaks I've had in a while!! His name is appropriately "Chop"! This next picture is even more impressive. What you see is a VW Jetta painted in the Redskins team colors with a TV (1) powered by it's batteries and a Transformer, A retractable gas grill mounted in the trunk(2), and a satellite dish on the roof(3). West coast customs, eat your heart out!!

posted by Cptn S.A. Ho @ 1:35 PM,


At Fri Dec 02, 09:25:00 PM EST, Blogger Rafael said...

Dayam, homeboy is serious. But, you want some serious tail gaters, you should check out some of the rigs the UT Austin alumni have. Nothing like a $250,000 luxury travel coach painted burnt orange and white with a built in BBQ pit, a bar on the outside and some serious music.

At Thu Dec 08, 02:32:00 PM EST, Blogger KQB said...

mmm sandwiches...tailgating w/ Shamrock rocks!


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