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Brew Pub Night!

Happy driving day after the turkey weekend finds me in the car tryin to make it back in time to meet up with everyone and try out the DogFish Head Brewery... I know, strange name. So, I get back to the city, jump gratefully into my jeep, and take off to meet up with haystack for "One Quick Drink" at this new place with friends. Maryland?!?!?!! Yeah, we head up to that far far away land of makebelieve and meet up with everyone and as this is a brewpub, we order the sampler to see what all the beers taste like from here.
The mix is excellent, but my fav is deff the 90-Minute IPA. Later to be called the 90-second ale... and we're still getting a good laugh outta that one! So we hang out and drink a few, then a few more, then we recruit the girl(Lauren) sitting at the bar to join us (She's a cool chick in my book, it takes some serious balls to join a random group of people, and late night with em at some random house too!!)...She's the one on the top right of the pic b/t me and Haystack. And then we drink a few more rounds. Last call?!?!!? That was quick... let's all late night since we're in a party mood NE wayz. As we all head over to the closest house, we pass & get passed by like 1,000 freakin cops!! They must not have much to do tonight, so they are ALL out cruisin! We get to RU469's house and she puts out a bottle of Parrot bay that disappears almost instantly... luckily we took some togo cokes from the bar for mixer! See we were thinkin... but not enough as Late Night and I make a run for the store for more!
What great timing, they are replacing the magazines that didn't sell with new ones... although I think I screwed up their count more then a few times, They relented and let me have a few maxim's to take with me as my bounty!

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At Sat Dec 03, 12:36:00 PM EST, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

who's the picture thief now? hmmmm?


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