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Another Wednesday??

Aaaaah, what a glorious night.... Despite being exhausted from working the night before and a full day today, I've still been able to find it in my heart to go out tonight. (Go figure) So I meet up with Karl for a quick round at Rock Bottom, after all, it is Wednesday.... PINT NIGHT! Good deals, but it's hella crowded in there and lookin like college night! So we take off and meet up with a few people at the hated Whitlow's for a round. Our krew are calling it an early night there, so back on the horn to meet up with Bolo and Nikki... Ok, they'll pick us up at Balston. Cool. I venture to get something to eat while we wait for them.... luckily I know someone that works at Mac Grill and they hook me up with one of those warm loaves of bread... Yummy! So we head up to the city and find parking!! I'm shocked... there's plenty of parking! What on earth is going on? Must be a holiday or something. So, we're off to the Big Hunt to catch up with everyone. We arrive just in time to have a beer and watch Rodeo and Molly shoot a game of pool against Mwombeki and some strange guy. An interesting entertainment. The strange guy challenges me next to a quick game, I run the table for about the first 5 balls, then end up losing b/c I sunk in my own 8 ball.... nuts!
Well, on to the club! We hit club 5 to listen to the musical stylings of RU469's brother on the tables spinning some House, drum and bass style techno. He's pretty good and so are the $5 redbull/vodka's! We dance and socialize and hang out for a while till I get a call from Kirk and Jon saying that they are out front and to come on out.... ok. (I found out later that we all decided that it was time to go and left, but I must have gotten side tracked and went to the bar first!!) We pile in a cab and head for food. IHOP it is.... "Balston please Sir" I announce to the driver...Well, that's what it sounded like in my head!!
The cab driver dumps us out, and Jon makes a bee line for the nearest pole as pictured above. In the picture, please notice the item labeled 1) pile of puke in IHOP parking lot, and item 2) Jon flicking us off as we laugh at his misery! We think ok, let's get some food elsewhere as IHOP no longer looks very tasty based on the last scene we just endured. Baileys has wings!! But lo and behold, they've had kitchen problems and have no food. Damn. Well, not the end of the world. We pick Jon up off of the mall floor and throw him into yet another cab and head straight to... you guessed it... Taco Bell!! We order the whole menu....again! I try to offer the driver a taco no less then 20 times on the way to the house, but he is very polite saying he just ate.
We make it into the house and grab haystack a bucket... he needs it! Picture the scene, if you've been to my house, you'll understand. Two couches caddy cornered to each other. On couch one, you've got a guy yakin' his guts up and not feelin so hot. On couch 2 next to him, you've got two guys eating taco bell, discussing it, and watching the guy on couch one puke!! "Pass me some more hot sauce" and "What's this we're eating.. Oh... Beans? Brilliant!" were phrases heard during the commercials of Futureama.

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At Fri Nov 25, 12:38:00 PM EST, Blogger Haystack said...

Wow, that boy looks like he's hurting... wait! is he flicking you off?!?! What a DICK!

At Mon Nov 28, 09:18:00 AM EST, Blogger Ear Shot said...

please tell me why
i hashed with all these drunkards
last night
and i've got women's clothes on
i'm with a girl i don't know
and she's going
down down down down down down

this hash song brought to you by the folks in NC

At Mon Nov 28, 02:46:00 PM EST, Anonymous IHOV said...

IHOP is always tasty!!!!

At Mon Nov 28, 08:58:00 PM EST, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

dude! I'm still queasy from you telling this story - pass the bucket!


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