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Vodka, Redbull, & Absinth?

It’s been an ok week, I have had some stuff on my mind… namely… GETTING EVICTED!! But it’s Friday, and we can all relax over the course of a long weekend. After work, Jon and I need to go shopping for the upcoming AGM pirate party. Arrr…. It’s drivin me nuts!!
So, we go checkin out party city and party depot to pick up a few things for costumes and accessories, then decide we need wings and beer to truly appreciate a long work week. Off to… you guessed it…. Bailey’s!! The wings and beer are fabulous, the bar goddess is there for me to drool over, and some regulars (Don & Doug) buy me and Jon a round since I’m finally not workin when they are in! Good times, but I want more to help me with the week I just had!!! There’s a small house gathering in the city near eastern market metro, I know… let’s grab a few four packs of Redbull and that Handle of Stoli from my house and head into the city. We get there, and apparently there are bets on us showing up!! I guess I’d hate to disappoint so in we go. As it turns out, these fools have been drinkin Absinth for the last few hours, so catching up will be tough. IHOV the librarian makes a cameo today, as does Sanchez & Big Jim. Kirk, RU, LNDT, MotorMouth, CasaNada, RoadKill, & more!! A small crowd, but a great crowd. The night gets fuzzy real quick as we sit around socializing the night away talking about nothing for hours. As it’s now after 3am & we’ve missed the metro, Jon and I split a cab to the Arlington hood & call it a night w/o 4am diner food this week!

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At Tue Oct 11, 11:38:00 AM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

what??!! no after-midnight munchie run? what did you do with the REAL captain?


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