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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

The New Brat Pack!

So after a long night of partying in Baltimore, we all scrub the sleep out of our eyes, socialize for a few minutes, one of our number looses a sock but we won’t mention names, and RoadKill tries out the new finger tooth brush. We were told he didn’t feel that fresh feeling like the people on the commercial promised.
We now go in search of food… It’s the crack of 10am and after a long night, we could use a bite to eat. Brunch finds us walking down by the water in Baltimore looking for a nice place to chow. Knowing some people in the area, RoadKill makes a few calls to take us to the Red Star Bar & Grill….. well look at that… they’ve got $6 all you can drink mimosas!! Yummmm! So we get there and the only down side is…. They don’t have any pancakes for poor Kane!! Other then that, we are the only table in there and drinkin up the mimosa’s faster then the bartender can bring up the champagne! Food arrives… steak and eggs done RIGHT!!! A good sized piece of steak too. “Kirkin Pa Nub” is the first one done with the meal and shaking while waiting for everyone to finish eating already so he can have a smoke.. RoadKill has other ideas by finishing up IHOV’s meal. I just enjoy watching Kirk getting ready to xplode waiting to smoke!!! I think he actually yelled at RoadKill to hurry up! Too funny!! Kane claims he has to get goin, and heads for the door. Not 2 minutes later my phone rings…

Kane - "Ummm… I can’t find my car!"
Me - "HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA...just come back and have another round with us instead."

Apparently this isn’t the advice he’s lookin for as he calls another phone at the table about a minute after he hangs up with me. A few rounds later Sevrin & Free Pu$$y have to leave us in order to head back to the city and get some work done. Sad, but we understand. Next, RoadKill's friends that ended up joining us for a bite take off too. The waitress wonders if we’re ready to pay our check. Luckily the music came to a complete stop as I asked (in a voice waaay to loud)

"If we pay our check, can we still keep drinking?"
Luckily the music comes back on as soon as I’m finished with the question! Allison (our waitress) says “of course!” So, 1pm comes and goes… as does 2pm, and here comes 3pm. How many bottles have we gone thru??? The server and bartender have nooooo idea! We’re guessing at something around 4 cases by now. “Ok, I know” says RoadKill let’s go to another bar and then head back. Done. We apparently find a pirate bar with a pirate dog and a very small crowd and proceeded to have a beer. Very colorful bartender with Bright red hair… she shoulda been at RDR!! On the way back to the car, a sign calls to us all…. “Plus Size Lingerie!!” Wha? It’s never too early to start shopping for next years lingerie run. So, we head back to the city, to my house. Grab 2 more bottle of champagne and some OJ and head over to catch the ending circle of the WH4 run. We are immediately violated as 6 of us pile out of one car all toting a drink and me pulling along the bucket of Mimosa mix.
After circle we head to the ononon bar. A few more rounds? Ok. Why not? (just to let you know, it’s like 6 or 7pm by this point in case you’ve lost track of time). There are chicken wings, beers flowin and a Pure-T-A$$hole bartender that’s tryin to throw hokie outta the bar. Not nice! So let’s all finish our rounds and go to…..La Tosca (it’s the tappa’s place in Clarnedon). We are now the original 6 + 5 new additions. We have picked up a handful. Well, we get to know the bar tender very well and continue enjoying ourselves until the 1130pm time when he says his bar has to close… Nuts. Ok, let’s head down the street to Iota b/c I refuse to set foot into Whitlow’s!!! Fcuk that place side ways with a broomstick and pi$$ on their ashes. We head onto Iota and everyone else precedes to have another round. Me? Noooooo mas!!! After the first time I fell off a bar stool in Iota I realized I had had just about enough. I drank more then a few waters there which didn’t seem to help me much. You remember earlier I mentioned someone lost a sock? Well we taunt her rather heavily about the condition that it’ll be in when she finally gets it back then decide it’s time to go (130am, Sunday night) We loose two folks who are taking themselves home and that makes 9 of us piling into a car over to my house b/c I live the closest. On the way to a car, we see a fabulous street crossing sign which I just muuuuust have! Thanks to one of the breakfast club/brat pack that points it out to me. We all pile into this truck 3 in the trunk, 4 in the middle, and 2 in the front. Not too too bad. O yeah, we tossed in the sign in the trunk with the people! Back to my house finds us passing out, after a few more rounds of course, wherever there was space. All couches/futons/beds were full. I borrowed some floor space and called it a night just before 3am!!! Were you keeping track? Just in case you weren't that’s 1030am - 3am!

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At Tue Oct 11, 11:50:00 AM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

so whaddya do to my friggin' sock??!!

y'all drunk bastads have no class!!

At Fri Oct 14, 01:06:00 PM EDT, Blogger You just can't stop!! said...

Yaaaaarrrr, it's drivin me nuts.

She ain't gettin that sock back


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