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Mobile Blogging?

This has gotta be one of the coolest bar ideas!! So cool in fact that I took a pic of it on my cell phone to share with you all!! Apparently you can blog via mobile phone, just in case you didn't spend enough time at your desk blogging, blogging-on-the-go is the next step!! I'm lookin forward to sending myself stupid pix and figuring out what I did the next day!!!

Hope the pix turn out well!

posted by Cptn S.A. Ho @ 12:30 PM,


At Fri Oct 21, 10:50:00 AM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

great pic! I think that should be essential bar-hopper wear so that you never have to return to a missing beer!

At Fri Oct 21, 11:22:00 AM EDT, Blogger Mr. X said...

That's ingenious (the tag, not the moblogging).

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...owner of a small bladder...

At Fri Oct 21, 03:29:00 PM EDT, Blogger You just can't stop!! said...

I want one of those


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