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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


Tagged for the Meme by The Muse from Strip Search City!

What were three of the stupidest things you have done in your life?
1. Broke my arm falling off a bed
2. Declaring a Biology Major
3. Sold my Discovery SE7 5spd manual

At the current moment, who has the most influence in your life?
Ummmm.... I have nooooo idea.

If you were given a time machine that functioned, and you were allowed to only pick up to five people to dine with, who would you pick?
1. My Grandfather
2. Al Pacino
3. My Mom
4. Jennifer Aniston
5. MLK Jr.

If you had three wishes that were not supernatural, what would they be?Not counting the obvious “wish for more wishes”:
1. Wealth & Fame
2. Everlasting Beauty & Intelligence
3. The same (wishes 1 & 2) for everyone I take care of

Someone is visiting your hometown/place where you live at the moment. Name two things you regret your city not having, and two things people should avoid.
1. It's DC, i really think we've got everything here!!
1. South East DC
2. The damn DC cops and their 0.01 BAC = DUI BS!

Name one event that has changed your life.
Going off to college and being on my own.

1. Boozie
2. Kane
3. I can't believe it's not vodka
4. Ear Shot
5. KQB

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At Wed Oct 12, 11:08:00 PM EDT, Blogger This one time . . . said...

You can't double up your wishes! That's cheating!


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