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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

House Party In tha B-More

So udder and I are in the process of looking for a new place to live, be it a house or an apartment, but something. We borrow this kick a$$ software from scab that turns your laptop into a GPS system. Sweet!!!! The only problem? It was monsooning sooooo damn hard that the GPS couldn’t find a satellite. Nuts. We check out a few places, but nothing all that exciting so we head back to the house for some good old fashion veggin time since it’s GROSSS OUT SIDE!!!!! Yuk! Luckily for me, I’ve borrowed a laptop and have in my hands seasons 1 & 2 of family guy on DVD! Score! Needless to say I was in bed on the laptop for the rest of the day being a laaaazy ass bum! 6pm rolls around and it’s time to head up to Baltimore for a small housewarming/house party for a good friend. So, I pick up RoadKill & Can’t Stop for the ride up there. We get a little lost but find some great construction sites that would be a ton of fun to play in at a later date either on foot or in the jeep!! But we finally make it. Gotta drive past “Larry’s Liquor Lounge” which is on the corner of S.Carey street. Yeah, damn right scary street! But, we continue on and the area gets much better. We arrive to find a very tame crowd socializing over a couple of beers. Ok, we’ll be good. Take a few tours, chat a little bit…. Wait a min? Everyone that’s not from DC has already gone for the night it’s not even 9pm!?!?!?!? Ok, now it’s time to bring out some dice for some 3man!!!! And a deck of cards for some additional games. Occasionally ¾ of the group takes a short recess to go smoke and the rest of us join them to socialize. This pattern goes on for a few hours till we hit 130 or so and decide we should all adventure out for food. Excellent!! I could eat. We find a place by the name of “Bill’s.” This is like a pizza/sandwich/country food/chicken wing place with Bullet Proof glass in front of the employees.. A little strange, but ok, we’re hungry let’s eat! I see a sign that brings tears to my eyes….. "Pork Chop $3.95"!!!
Of course I’ll have one of those, a samich, and we should take a pizza back to the krew at the house. We are all convinced that at this point, a certified pimp enters the establishment & has his woman order the food for him so that he doesn’t need to go near the window….until he decides that he needs some gravy on his French fries, then he has to handle that himself!! There's a pic of me here in bills where we notice that the younge lady in the corner is actually pozing to be in someone elses camera phone pic? Hahahah!!! Anyway, we leave Bills and walk up the street and pass a 24 hour Chinese food place with bars on the windows fit for Alcatraz. Not to mention a rat walking around the streets like it owns the place. That thing was bigger then a cat. I’m convinced it ate the cat, and that’s how it got so damn big!! We get back to the house with all our food to a welcome group who are also thrilled to see it. We all get situated and layer the couches to watch some movies as I think we’ve worn out our hostess and she’s asleep. Blazing cannon fire from Pirates of the Caribbean on the TV, yet everyone is sound asleep. The minute I turn it off, everyone wakes up and starts whispering. Go figure that one out. We all crash and chalk it up to a great night!

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