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Corona’s & Lingerie

The weather today, couldn’t have been any more perfect! Not goin to work on the Friday before RDR weekend is an excellent tradition! The day starts off with me sleepin in on my couch and watchin some tube. When I finally motivate to get my ass off the couch around the crack of noon or so, I head over to my friend Nancy’s house for a little early afternoon pool party! There’s just nothing like sittin around with a few people, eating hot dogs and drinkin’ Corona’s!! So today is the lingerie run/party and you know how much I loooooove theme parties!!! So we all begin to get dressed in our finest and skimpiest & prepare to take over the streets of DC… I could keep rambling on, but I think the pix speak a thousand words each... DC will never be the same....till next year!!

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At Tue Oct 04, 10:19:00 PM EDT, Blogger KQB said...

wow! looks like I missed a helluva RDR!

At Wed Oct 05, 09:01:00 AM EDT, Blogger Ms Meh said...

Udder's get up was just disturbing. But at least you couldn't see his feet.

Something on last week's OC reminds me of you. Marisa's at Newport Union and the surfer guy asks if she's going to the dance. Marisa asks if there's a theme, and he looks at her like she's nuts. Then she said she wasn't going, and the sufer guy was like, "What, 'cause it doesn't have a theme?"


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