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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

4am last calls, Drunken Bar Tenders & A Steak Samich

So this weekend I decided to escape the rigors of DC by flying up to buffalo for the weekend on a whim. I’ve never been there but I’ve heard great things about it, so I’m there. I fly outta Dulles, the farthest away airport known to man! My firm belief is that the only way you can get a ride out there is from family, some one your doing/with, or someone who owes you a huuuuge favor!! This place is out in SH!T hasher turf! I called in the family on this one, yuk what a gross night! But no worries, I grab my one carry on bag (sooooo much easier then checking anything!) I love this new electronic check in, just swipe your credit card and it spits out a ticket acha… no stupid lines for me!!! I’m outta here….. or not… how bout a 20 mile line to get thru security! Ugh, it’s like you’re a prison inmate… put everything you own into a little box and walk up with it in your hands with your shoes on top. Fcuking terrorists bringing security to this! How the hell can you fit a bomb in a pair of New Balances??? Explosive material is NOT conducive to proper arch support for running, damn… don’t those extremist a$$holes know anything?!?!?! For some reason, even though I have NO criminal record, I always seems to pop up on the search his bags more thoroughly list! WTF? Once, ok, twice, coincidence…but EVERYTIME I FLY?!?!?! It’s all good, the guy searching through my stuff had a good sense of humor so we BS’d a bit about how stupid this really is.
Well, I'm thru security & I’ve got a few minutes to kill…. My natural instincts guide me right to a bar!! Imagine that! I get to enjoy the look a true traveler, cell phone, iPod, and a beer. Good times. You know, they won’t even give you a real knife in a restaurant there? A regular fork, but plastic knives! That’s kinda funny I think. NE ways, I was graced with one of the smallest planes ever, well bigger then a puddle jumper, but still not large by any definition of the word. One seat on the left, two on the right and a storage box that makes the trunk of my jeep look huge! But luckily half the plane was empty b/c everyone coming from Cancun missed the flight!NE wayz, I get to Buffalo International airport, travel plaza, and waffles after a short flight that’s fairly smooth & go to collect my rental car which came free with the flight!! Thank you traveling gnome (I paid $4 to upgrade to the next level)!! Apparently car rental companies have a sense of humor as I was given a convertible in late fall in buffalo!! It’s all good, it drives nice and did I mention it was $4?At any rate, I take the car, leave the airport and fly to drop off my car and head right to… you guessed it… the bar!

What? It’s 11pm… deff time to be out exploring what the city has to offer! Let’s go to Cozumel’s for a bit, and try to local brew. A few drinks later, wouldn’t you know it… they’ve got Sparks!! Damn you sparks, but oooo so tasty! So, lets have one of those and head onto the next bar.

We do a drive by of what looks like an old house with a bunch of kids standing around the front porch and side walk smoking with a sign that reads Frizzy's... this is an entire bar? Too Cool!! They’ve got booze, games and the like, yup deff a full bar, let’s get a round and then move on. Gabriel’s gate is a cool a$$ lookin place with an old world lookin statue holding up a torch that’s always burning. The bartender is alotta fun and I think he’s had a few as well! He keeps making us shots and he’ll take on with us!! Deff my kinda place….

Where did the time go? It’s almost 4am already… let’s head to Jim’s Steak house. Home of some seriously TASTY samiches and cool as shirts! I wanted/want one but for some reason the manager was in no mood to negotiate for a shirt at 4am with a drunk guy… go figure! At any rate, we’re walkin back and feasting on some most excellent food when we pass by the bar we started… “come on, let us in… it’s not even 5 yet!! We need a night kap!” For some reason, they remain closed, o well, it’s time to call it a night any way!!

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At Tue Oct 25, 03:23:00 PM EDT, Anonymous boozie said...

You went to Cozumel and didn't get a margarita?!?!

Also, I love Frizzy's. When I was visiting last November, we went to Frizzy's and I told everyone it was my birthday. Turns out it was Frizzy's birthday, too, and he was there...I drank free allllll night there!

At Tue Oct 25, 07:04:00 PM EDT, Blogger Haystack said...

Sounds like you had a kickass weekend!

At Wed Oct 26, 01:22:00 PM EDT, Blogger SMAC said...

Have I not warned you enough about that place?? Haha - just be thankful you didn't get stuck in a snowstorm or pick up that horrible accent they have up there.

At Thu Nov 03, 03:05:00 PM EST, Blogger KQB said...

damn it! why did I read food blogs when hungry...


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