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The start to a veeeery long weekend!

So I take off work on Thursday at 5pm sharp to get on and start my weekend. As I’m driving home, a bolt flies off of a motorcycle and hits my windshield at around 70+ mph… ugh!! Now there’s a giant section in my windshield that looks like some one raged on my damn jeep! It’s xactly the size of a fist and expands out to roughly what a bunch would do to a windshield.
NE wayz, I get home and get outta work clothes, catch the train and onto a little pre-pre party at around 545 or so. A keg of beer? Sweet! A free keg of beer? Xtra-Sweet! … the beers warm? Well…. Put some ice in it! Aren’t we a classy bunch here? So a few iced/watered down beers later, let’s go for a run. Me? No, I’m working a beer check. Me and another guy drive around a little ways then are able to find it and get all set up about 30 mins too early! No problem, let’s just stand around and drink some cold beer instead!! =)
A few beers later, people show up and I’m done with my duties and free to socialize but it’s FCUKING Cold…. WTF? It was just summer like yesterday!! Apparently, a few of us felt that way and ALL (8) of us crammed into a car to hitch a ride to the bar. Thanx Lisa!!
In the bar, we’ve got our own floor of bar reserved, with pool tables, 2 bars, and even a bar tender wearing a navy sailors uniform?!?! Riiight, we’re in a gay bar, got it. Well, all the people are very nice, the drinks are tasty and we sing entirely toooooooo much karaoke! The karaoke guy even lets me plug up my iPod to hear some “Thank god I’m a country boy” by John Denver which Marshall & I sung very well from our seats at the bar!! Good times! A few Heinekens, & Cap’n and cokes later I ran into Turtle and we took off to another bar b/c we were hungry and I wanted good wings!! So… you guessed it back to Bailey’s for discount wings, great beer and bar goddess for me to drool over!!
Last call & time to call it a night. Lucky for me some family guy re-runs are on to truly make this an awesome night!!

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At Mon Oct 03, 03:21:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

what about the sign?? I forget what it said, but it had "Take Me, Cptn!" all over it!

At Mon Oct 03, 03:22:00 PM EDT, Blogger Cptn S.A. Ho said...

Pretty sure i wasn't gettin out with that sign that night!! But it did have a nice air of borrow me about it!!


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