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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Seriously, how many cabs do we need here?

So, working in a bar, I generally hear about the specials that are going on in the area restaurants. As such, I generally like to try em. So we start out at Morton’s for some $4 martini’s and free filet samiches… yummm!!! Ok, so we get there and since Friday is casual day we’re all a little under dressed, but what ever… but then we get to the bar and EVERY spot is packed!! Nuts… well, Bailey’s? Yup… wings!
We go to bailey’s and as it’s my mom’s first time in the bar where I work (o yeah, my mom joined us for happy hour) we decide to order the WHOLE menu for her to try!! We are feasting on a smorgasbord of fried foods including 40 wings, fried cheese, some sort of chicken sticks, some quesadillas… yummy snacks!! (mom leaves after dinner and a few drinks, she’s tired…..of us probably!) A few beers later we learn that Sarah, she joined us too, has left her atm card at a bar in the city. After taunting her a bit, we decide we should go retrieve it…Now, when all three of you look at each other and know this is a bad idea, you should probably listen to yourself!!
...Naaah. (Cab ride #1) We get to the bar where her card is, and since we’re already there she offers us a round for joining her. An excellent idea! The bartender is very friendly with her drinks so we should deff have another!! Coincidently the phone rings and some friends of ours are not too far off in the city having a few cocktails as well, ok we’ll join ya! So were walking and everyone has to stop for a restroom break, Jon and I find a wall with a tree to use, Sarah however, finds a port-a-potty. Well, since guys pee quicker, we had some time to kill and decide to try to mess with our drinking companion while she’s in the toilet. So Jon begins charging for the toilet with intent to tackle it… (Charging with intent to tackle... theory an excellent idea… but we somehow over look the fact that we are in a construction site)…running… he all of a sudden gets into a fight with a short stack of bricks hidden in the brush!!! Them bricks took his ass out like Daniel San in the arena before the last match….

"Sweep The Leg!!"

And he is down for the count!!! Sarah arrives on the scene a little confused since he didn’t actually make it to the port-a-potty she's not sure what's goin on. After a little bit of taunting and laughing we realize that he’s just sprained his ankle… we should get to the bar quickly so that he can get some booze on it…. For the pain of course!
(Cab ride #2) We get to café Citron and there’s a LINE down the street… ugh, damn trendy good music havin' places! I don’t like lines & Jon’s hurt, so the bouncer and I come to an understanding so that we are able to gain admission to the much more rapidly into club. A bee line for the bar for cocktails, then we search for our friends who only take about 5 laps to find!! Fun Fun!! A few rounds and some dancing ensue here….Great music!!! We decide we’ve graced this bar with our presence quite enough, let’s go to the next bar, Sign of the Whale, to meet up with yet other friends who are out dancing.
(Cab #3) We get there do a quick walk thru to find… nope, they aren’t here. I think we saw Slim Prickens there tho for a minute, but then we are off to the next spot. Since we’re already in the city… Camelot’s!!!! No cover, and some quality shows… I’m personally entertained by Petra and Sarah’s conversation about who’s breasts are fake and who’s aren’t…. it turns out everyone on stage isn’t real. O well, a nice show none-the less!!! Let’s see, we’ve bar hopped, had happy hour, seen some naked, caught up with friends….. it’s time to EAT!!!!
(Cab #4) We hit the Crystal City for a bite at the crystal diner… you can’t miss it… it’s the only 100% chrome building for miles and miles!!! I have my 2nd consecutive gyro in a row and call it a night.
Walking home at 430am I decide that this was indeed the longest happy hour EVER!! But a most excellent time.

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At Mon Sep 26, 07:25:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

where do you find port-a-potties in the city? you guys have all the luck! (except PIH - be more careful, dude!)


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