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Saturday is a Renn Fest day!

Good morning campers, it's time for the Renn Fest!!! Don't know what it is? Click the link on renn fest and it'll take ya! Needless to say I over slept this morning based on my last nights brief outing, but I'm up as groggy as ever but I'm up!! My roommate ROCKS!!!!!! He left me a breakfast burrito and hash browns and doughnuts to eat when I finally dragged ass outta bed...well, when I say left for me, I also mean they were left on the counter and didn't stand a chance as they were unguarded whilst I was hung over!
Fabulous! On to the festival which udder had directions to this year! We get there and meet up with about 15 or so others of us and enter into this magic realm known as Maryland... j/k we go into the village of Revel Grove on Festival Day!! Wow!! Everyone is in costume, it's really like a village from the 16th century (except there was no Pepsi back then)!! All the shops are merchants in costume, all the wares in styles sold in days of yore!!! To truly enjoy this day, all 15 or so of us make a mad dash for the bar, but not before we can take a picture of a "Sweet Nuts" and a "Choose your own booty" Sign. These signs get even better as the day goes on.
We get to see a real sword swallow'r & magician. He does tricks and a great act over all. He's pretty damn funny too! There's an improv comedy group doing skits from that era, there's jugglers, and even Girls hanging from rings in the tree's. We watched jousting, and did I mention we feasted on turkey legs and drank too much ale?? We're livin it up mid-evil style! I even buy myself a sword... o shut up, you know your jealous!! All in all, very possibly the most fun I've had in MONTHS!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to go next year!
Leaving the fair shows me just how tired I really am as I sleep the entire way back. Wonder if it has anything to do with my early happy hour last night?

A most excellent Warn Winch and PIAA light arrangement on an Xterra in the parking lot of the renn fest... ok, I know it has nothing to do with anything, but it's really not often you see an Xterra properly AND tastefully done, ya know? Ugh.. never mind, just go to the next pic!!!

hehehehe!!!! Sweetnuts!!! It's funny and you know it!

These people have some serious deals with nuts here, don't they?

You know, Kane's actually got a picture of me chasing down this kid to get a picture of his sign... that was kinda funny watchin both of us run down the dirt path with a digital camera in one hand and a beer mug in the other!

The costumes were very VERY good!!

Funnel Cakes by day.... these signs are killin me!!

Nuff Said!!!

They'd make a fortune doing some of these place names on T-Shirts!

The crazy funny as hell sword swallower guy

Click here for more pix and commentary courtesy of Kane!

posted by Cptn S.A. Ho @ 5:34 PM,


At Tue Sep 27, 01:58:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Kane said...

Hopefully I will have my pics up tomorrow

At Tue Sep 27, 02:11:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

poor Udder! he must be a very forgiving guy...or how much are you paying him?

Can I steal him from you? as designated driver and food provider, of course!

At Tue Sep 27, 02:16:00 PM EDT, Blogger Cptn S.A. Ho said...

NEVER!!!!!!!!! Go get your own awesome roommate, no stealing mine!!

At Tue Sep 27, 06:46:00 PM EDT, Blogger KQB said...

haha nuts! hilar :)

At Thu Sep 29, 12:16:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

wanna bet? I told Udder I wanted him on Tues and he told me I could have him any time I want him!

At Thu Sep 29, 12:19:00 PM EDT, Blogger Cptn S.A. Ho said...

I think Udder's quote may be referring to a short term living arrangement... say a few hours or just for the night!


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