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The Roving Camel

Welcome to Saturday of my X-tra long weekend! Rise and shine to go meet up with a buddy who's lending me his bike for a few days. Score!!!!! This thing is FAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSTTTTTTT as hell! Trying to pass someone on 95 south finds me doing 100+ in a matter of 2 seconds!! All of a sudden, I’m lookin for places to go, anywhere.... let's go!!!
So, a few minutes later, I get a call from another friend to go out on their boat. Wow! Talk about luck for things goin on. Ok. Well, going out on the boat, meant working on it first, but that's all good b/c I’m a gear head and I find that sorta thing really fun!! We replace the alternator on a nice 5.7L V8 magnum mercruiser engine in this speed boat, then launch it into the water. Start it up.... It's got that mean throaty rumble that scares both small children, fish, and other boats. This one's got some pull!!! So, we head out towards open water, engine grumbling just ready to be opened up, only 20 yards to open water and no more of this "No Wake Zone" crap... 10 yards.... 5 yards..... and the engine stops!!! Apparently the electrical problem that we thought we fixed was not the alternator! Ugh, talk about boat teasing yourself!! We drift for a while, turtle contemplates swimming us back to shore, but we find some people to tow us back instead. I manage to fall asleep on the bow of the boat and get a sun burn on my back while we're getting towed in. Apparently that boat sees more water from rain then from being on the water, so they are thinking of naming it "Rovers Camel" or "The desert oasis".
I ride home, and parking the bike I get a wicked 3rd degree burn on my calf from the exhaust b/c I’m riding in shorts like a freakin IDIOT!!!!!! It's about the size of a dollar bill and hurts like hell!!! Put it this way, the skin was bubbling off in 5 min! Ouch!
The rest of the day finds me hangin out at the house then takin it to an awesome 80's party for a while. Good times & everything was done so well!!! Decorations, food, everything! Here's a better recap of this party!

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At Wed Sep 07, 12:50:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

shorts on a bike! and I thought I had a death wish...


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