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Partying for a good cause (...The Taco Story)

So Friday finds me at work ALL night long, but having an excellent time of it! I ran my ass off so the time went quickly…. All the way up till 4am when I left! The only draw back? Having to be back in a little over 6 hours to open! Well, that’s life when you work two jobs, right? Right. So I’m back in the morning to find we are waaaay over staffed. So, after fighting over too little work, the boss sends a few of us home with some free food. Score! I also notice that our event coordinator is totally HOT!!!!!!!! (Not to mention she’s got a totally cute 4Runner with a ported sub box!)

So, I’m fed, I’m off of work, what do I do now? Get ready to go out, duh! But not before I watch the same Bond movie that I’ve seen 50,000 times b/c it’s on TV!!

Lucky for me, I’ve commandeered a large percentage of my roommates Sparks so I grab one and head out the door. It’s just like the star bucks commercial where everyone’s cheering the guy on, except my stadium is filled with rowdy folks that’ve been tail gaitin’ all morning long! Before we can truly go party, you’ve got to have pre-party! So I go visit some bar-tender friends of mine at a nearby bar for a couple of low key cocktails before I start my night. The restaurant is a very nice seafood place with all sorts of pricy liquors including Johnny Walker Blue Label, $37.50/shot. So, I’ll just stick to the beer! A quick bite and little bit o' booze later, I’m off to a charity house party in court house.

My attempt to be fashionably late is thwarted when I realize, everyone else is too!!! I’m dude number 4 to arrive. Followed by 10 more… you guessed it, dudes! But, no worries the rowdy party girls arrive almost immediately after I’ve set my claim to the worlds most comfortable chair!! Instead of just playing music, all the tunes are played via music video which I think was hella cool. But we were listening to this guy, Keller Williams, who although is a talented musician is freakin weird to watch. The video switches from shots of this guy playing on his guitar to humping a huge speaker while wearing his roller blades in a middle school gym, to other random shots. I was told later that if you were high this would make perfect sense. As I was sober (I don't do drugs, sorry kids), I got to stare at the TV thinking WTF?!?!!?!

This gathering has the makings of everything good… 200 or so jello shots made with everclear (but no one told you until the next day so it was a little surprise!), Plenty of beer, a wonderful array of top shelf liquors, great people and a beautiful apartment. (I found out later, the party raised around $700 to benefit Katrina victims!)

Many many hours of partying and cocktails later, several people have gone home yet a handful of us have missed the train... opps! So we are all hangin out when a couple of us decide that 3:30am is an excellent time to get a fresh made meal! As I rummage thru our hosts cabinets, sorry, trying to find something to eat I’m thinking, there’s gotta be a better way…. I know Wendy’s! You know… “eat great, even late!” It’s late, let’s ride. We walk over to it and a sinking feeling in the pit of my already full of booze stomach shows a closed Wendy’s… What am I gonna do?!?!?! As I contemplate that very thought in the middle of the street, a cab driver picks me and my hungry friend up and we head on to taco bell which is open. SCORE!!! I lean over to order 10 of everything including a few taco’s for the driver! Yummmm…. I figured for as much crap as we bought, they shoulda stuck the deed to the taco bell in the bag. They prob did, but I’m sure it fell out of the bag when I fell out of the cab!

We return to the recently sleeping people as hero’s coming home from battle! With tales of our troubles and displaying our taco’s as prizes won to be admired by all…. Ok, at 4am that’s how I remember it. It was prob more like…“Hey, we got tacos, you want one?”

We feasted, then we head back to our respective sleeping places. I am sharing a chair with a nice young lady who asks if I’d like to have sex… me not thinking whether she was serious or not quickly blurted out (I don't think she was serious, but regardless I replied much louder then I intended as the entire room laughed their asses off at me)….

“I can’t right now, I just had tacos!”

How am I gonna live this one down?!?!?

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At Mon Sep 19, 11:08:00 PM EDT, Blogger This one time . . . said...

You have quite the imagination when you've been drinking. Hail the conquering hero of Taco Bell!

Oh, and I think my 4Runner is the cutest ever and no one can tell me otherwise.

At Tue Sep 20, 10:00:00 AM EDT, Blogger Ms Meh said...

So much for having game... :)

At Thu Sep 22, 10:39:00 AM EDT, Blogger KQB said...


Tacos. Love it. I want to rename you Cheesy Gordita Crunch.


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