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Ooo Ooo Draw on me!!

Welcome to Thursday which begins, contrary to popular belief, at about 5pm! A mad dash to the house, and onto the metro. Guess who doesn't have to do sign in?? Go on, guess!! It's meeeeee!!!! Score! NE wayz, a short walk to the metro and I gotta hit the Eckerd Pharmacy for some kash and for some wake me up juice. Just another redbull? Naah, let's try All new "Diet Rockstar" If you have a chance, pass on this one. It tastes like ass with a hint of ball sac. Yuk!
The run is surprisingly calm tonight as a lot of the usual rowdy suspects are in Toronto tonight, but we make do. Everyone is rockin their finest white T-Shirts, I try to sell em, but feel a tad guilty at buying a 3-pack for $5.99, then selling each shirt for $5. So I think they end up being given away so that all can participate. Everyone grab a sharpie and start drawin on each other!! Some excellent comments and pictures ensue, let's not forget "C*ckJockey" & a few "Butt Pirate"'s scribbled here and there.
This trail is a bit long for my taste, and the taste of my knee.... or perhaps I’m still hurtin from too much...uhhh... socializing last night! Ending under a bridge & drinking too much must bring creativity out in all of us! Much more excellent comments present themselves.... my personal favorite.... "I Fcuked your mom while wearing your grandma's hat!!" not sure why, but that's soooo random it's good!
X number of beers later, we're at the bar. To save time and trouble, two beers at a time of course. An awesome turn out, to say the least! Great times singing and socializing, although I just couldn't seem to get this one girls attention, but o well, such is life. A nice pack of us take off to catch the last train home... home? why go there? there's still a bar open!! Back to bailey's where I live apparently!! =)
A few beers, some wings later and I’ve totally lost track of time. As they are throwing us out, I run into a neighboring bar tender who'll gimmie a ride home. (I was told later that I promised to fix her car or something for the ride, but she wasn't gonna hold me to it!) I woke up on my couch around 430am watching some reruns on TBS, then went to my real bed. A fun night! How many in a row is this? Ugh, poor liver. O well, it'll heal!

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At Tue Sep 06, 03:26:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Weeeeee! said...

CSAH, thanks for coming out to the party on Saturday night! Glad you could make it!

At Tue Sep 06, 09:52:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you happy to see someone in that pic?

At Wed Sep 07, 10:32:00 AM EDT, Blogger Cptn S.A. Ho said...

Of course!!


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