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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Not one, but two electric banjo's?!?

So you know you’ve got a busy weekend coming up, you have that nice little pep talk with yourself saying, I’m just gonna go and run and then I’ll be in bed early to rest up for the busy busy day and weekend and all is good/set in your mind. How come all it takes is leaving the office and about 2 minutes on the beltway heading home to realize…”Nope, I’m goin out!!” I think this will deff require more study!!
So I get home and confront my roommate about how he’s trying to kill me (he’s not really)!!! He left the stove burners going all night last night so I woke up at 5am with my bedroom filled with the gas from the stove!!! As a repayment for trying to kill me, he gives me a lift to the run today and a sparks. I don’t know if you’ve tried this stuff or not, but it’s hella tasty. Just like a 16oz redbull infused with some malt liquor or something (yeah, I’m a little ghetto, what?!?) when served ice cold, it's very nice!!

Anyway, let’s get on with it. Time for a short run tonight. The trail is most excellent, just soooooo fcuking long! We don’t have time for that sh!t on a Thursday! There’s sewage & flood tunnels, highway crossings, creeks to wade, fences to climb over and pry up to go under, THORN Bushes out the ass, & a dash of PI just for fun! I particularly liked that creek, I REALLY wanna take my jeep thru it…. Do they go creekin up in the north?
So we finally get to the end and all I need to take my mind off things is a nice cold one!

Me - “Kane, come shot gun this with me!"
Kane - “Ok!”
So we set up to do the shot guns, some one says go & I go to pop the top on the can…. The fcuking can top just bends & won’t open!?!?!?! Drat! Well, I’ll just drink all the beer outta the side of this one then! A few beers later, on to the bar!
I grab a pitcher of beer…
Bartender - “How many glasses with that sir?”
Me - “Glasses? What for?”

With pitcher in hand, I'm ready to listen to some music from the live band… which very possibly could be the strangest collection of guys I’ve ever seen. There’s a bass, a guitar, an electric mandolin & TWO electric banjo’s?!?! They played very well, don’t get me wrong, it’s just…. Electric banjo? Anyways, people were dancing and carryin on and socializing till late into the evening. So late in fact that I missed the metro…again! No biggie, more time to drink! I was lucky enough to be able to snag a ride with 2 friends of mine who were going near that area! You guys Rock!
As a result of partying, or working, or whatever, I sooooo over slept this morning! Oops! O well, such is life.

On Tap...
Closing the bar tonight, come on by if your in the area
Opening the bar tomorrow morning
Going to a friends bar for a little Saturday happy hour
Charity house party Saturday night
Probably end up in Annapolis Sunday & then here comes the week again!?!?!

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At Fri Sep 16, 02:42:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

where can I get them thar sparks? I wanna try!

At Fri Sep 16, 04:34:00 PM EDT, Blogger Ear Shot said...

mix the sparks with jager and call it a jager bomb. it's like a jager bomb with turbo.

oy vey, i threw up last itme after having 3 in 10 minutes. just because the sparks can will make 2 sparks bombs, doesn't mean you have to do them all at once.

they also make diet in a blue can

At Fri Sep 16, 04:34:00 PM EDT, Blogger Ear Shot said...

um, sparks + jager= sparksbomb. got ahead of myself

At Fri Sep 16, 05:48:00 PM EDT, Blogger This one time . . . said...

How on earth have you not been fired yet from your day job? You are one lucky son-of-a-bitch. BTW, tell your mom I said hi!

P.S., you don't need that shit on your wish list. You just got a new cell, you have an i-Pod and if you wanna drive a boat, get your ass down to visit and it won't cost you $65K!

At Fri Sep 16, 06:04:00 PM EDT, Blogger KQB said...

sPaRkS is liquid awesome :)

At Sat Sep 17, 09:06:00 AM EDT, Blogger The Muse said...

Yeah, I discovered the sparks the same day that we went down the Chattahooche for the Shoot the Hooch hash. Coincidentally, that was also the same day I got struck by lightning. Weird.

At Sat Sep 17, 01:16:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Capt, I'm adding links to hashers who blog. I'm Flying Booger and I write the Half-Mind Blog at Eventually I'd like to start something similar to the H3 Webring, only for hashing bloggers.

At Mon Sep 19, 11:31:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Weeeeee! said...

Capt'n, so glad you picked our kickball game over a trip to Annapolis! Hope your toe's okay! Now about our little deal...


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