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A great night to be topless

So, we are waaaaaaaaaay the fcuk out there in silver spring. Ugh, who’s idea was this?!?!?!? Great weather tho, a perfect night for a run…if I could run. My stupid burn, yeah I know, I did it to myself, hurts like hell and is preventing me from running so I’ve gotta walk. Ok, a short drunk stumble is fun with some new folks…. Think again! 5 miles later…. Ugh, still stumbling & no drunkening (yes, it’s a word!).
NE wayz, we finally get in and realize we’ve lost a handful of people since it’s dark, the trail is long and we’re out in BFE! Anyways, we get a call about people being hurt on trail, so I take off in the jeep to go rescue people!! Good times! Saving fallen friends and even busting out that med kit that’s always in the jeep. Good times. The best thing was that it was a very nice clear night to drive back topless…. Well it was in the front seat at least! Sorry Sloppy & Fuxon (whatever!) about the cold ride, you two are tuff chiks and you made it Just fine!

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At Mon Sep 12, 01:04:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

here he comes to save the day! (cue Mighty Mouse tune)

At Mon Sep 12, 01:26:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Weeeeee! said...

Every night is a great night to be topless (I just don't follow that advice in public).


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