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Getting married? No thanks, just an open bar for me!

Well here comes Friday and I'm playin hookie from work. First things first, the doors and roof come off the jeep! Love it! That's the best way to enjoy a jeep!
I spend most of this wonderful morning sleeping in and resting from a long night, and long week. A few joy rides later and it's time to get ready for the wedding. Peeking Duck is getting married and moving to Hawaii!!! I'm going as VAM and Jingle's date. The 'Three's Company' of Hash Kash. We get to the church a little early and the sun is BLAZIN! It's hella hot, esp. in a nice black suit. Meet up with tiny balls and Danger Bunny & enter the church for the reception. The church is roman catholic, and me not raised in the catholic church I get a few things confused. For example, as we enter a hallway, on the out side of the building it says "Narthex" & I ask simply, "is that the name of the company who paid to have it built?" you know, like Fed Ex Field or Netel Stadium. Apparently it's not. opps! Blunder number 2. We are sitting in the wedding and I see a few guys wearing these special silk shirts, I lean over "Hey, are ALL those guys alter boys?" nope, apparently that's the most formal wear of the Philippino peoples..... damn. I’m 0 for 2. I try to shut my mouth for the rest of the ceremony! I also learned that my date hates getting her pic taken!!
Let's go on to the reception, I get seated with my dates at "That Table". You know the one. Every wedding has "That Table" It works out for the best tho, b/c these people are fun!! Not much dancing, but tons of socializing and many many trips to the open bar!
a couple drinks later, I catch a ride outta there with meatloaf and Debbie (Who is trashed!!!). We BS on the way to the next bar, and when we get there I learn that it's just me.... ok. On-bar! Meeting up with a few more people for a drink. it's quiet, so I move on. A cab ride later finds me at a DUI check point, at which point I decide to talk to the cop from the back seat of the cab... (only slurring slightly) how wonderful I think she is and thank her for keeping me safe from drunk drivers everywhere. She tries to give me some pamphlet, I thank her politely and inform her that I prob won't read it any way!
On to Georgetown and the harbor for a short party on a boat. I musta been partied out by this point, b/c I only drank one or two of my 18 pack and contributed the rest to the boat beer supply and headed for home. Luckily bummin a ride.

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At Wed Sep 07, 12:14:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

I thought you were a good ol' southern boy - didn't your parents take you to baptist church?
baptists and catholics can't be THAT diff


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