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Another Day Another $1

So if your already a faithful stalker of my blog, thank you =), you’ll notice I skipped Monday as it wasn’t worth writing about. But, just to keep you happy…

I went to work, went to the gym, ate leftovers, watched discovery channel Monster garage and Orange County Choppers, read my book, went to bed. - nothin xciting. Sorrie!

Day time is another drab day at the office, with a quick break to the subway during the day with a co-worker. He was seriously loosin it due to the fact I had no doors on the jeep. In a 5 minute ride, he freaked about falling out of the jeep 10+ times! Your wearin a seat belt, you’ll be fine!

The funny part I’ve found about having two jobs is that you’ve gotta leave the first job early just so you can get to the second job late! I roll in there and the day bar guy is lost & the bar is trashed! Ugh. Ok, so let’s get it clean and have a good shift. The wheel printer wouldn’t stop FCUKING printing for 5 straight hours!!!!! The servers bent me over and fcuked me in the a$$ like I was a $2 whore standing on a street corner in dupont during international pride week! Now, I hate it, but I wouldn’t mind if they at least made some good money… but they didn’t?!?!? Makes noooo sense to me. O well, that’s tuff for them. After it slowed down, I got a few visits from some regular restaurant folks who understood my pain & were happy to b!tch with me about it! All in all, it was a good night, but getting home at 4am after work on a school night leaves for a sleepy sleepy me the next day!

Random Quote:
“...[he’s got] Diet coke cans stacked up in his office like they are fcuking Martha Stewart design accessories!”

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At Wed Sep 14, 02:17:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

what's with all the stalkers? I've got 3 - how many do you have, Cpt. S.A. Ho?


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