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A quiet evening out?

So I was hangin out with my buddy Jon at the bar last night, then he took off about 10pm or so. As i'm walkin out the door, I ran into a guy I know on the stairs and realized just how easy it is to talk me into having another drink! Ugh, I’m suuuuch a push over!
NE wayz, so a beer or two later a few more people join and we are just chillin at the bar. Then we hear this huge crash!!!! A medium large bald hispanic man (approx 5'8", 240 lbs or so) fell out of his chair knocking over about 3 more at the same time. I think he mighta fallen out b/c of a shot & 4 LIT's that had about 1.0 oz of mixer in a 16 oz glass! NE wayz, so I went to help him up, as did another guy. Next thing we know, he is trying to fight EVERY guy in there. No one takes him up on this or takes offense as he is obviously drunk. In fact we all try to get him into a cab, but to no good. Our suggestions of a cab are returned with... "Did you just call me a mexican?" and "I'll Fcuk you up" and "I'm not scared of you, or you, or ...." you get the idea. Finally, we had to call the cops. So, a group of us are still sitting neatly off to the side drinking and socializing just hangin out. 3 cops show up, cuff him rather violently, and take him out. As the cops walk past our table with this guy I catch one cop saying "If I had a tazer, I woulda tazered this guy!"
So he leaves the bar. done, right? Noooooooo. Handcuffed, he tries to fight the three cops on the way out of the bar. He's sooo drunk that instead of hitting one of the cops, he slips and busts his eyebrow open on a railing. So, he's cuffed bleeding, arrested. He then tries to fight the EMT that's treating his wounds. Wakin up in the drunk tank can't be much fun after that night.
We then proceed to have another round to discuss the action!

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At Wed Sep 07, 12:16:00 PM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

hey this wasn't some random story! this happened to you? I thought it sounded familiar


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